Where the Truth Lies – LUSH cosmetics Sacred Truth Mask

Every time I wander into LUSH I blow at least $50. Their irresistibly delicious-looking products, shaped like colorful desserts and food, just make me want to buy everything in the store. The store is structured to make you feel like a kid in a candy store. A very expensive candy store.

The other day I picked up a few bubble bars from there ($11 a bar for one-time use. So annoyingly expensive) and the sales girl gave me a sample of the Sacred Truth fresh face mask. Ok it’s an anti-aging mask so that bitch might’ve been saying I’m old…whatever. I like the mask though.

The ingredients used are food-grade and all natural so pretty much it’s like you’re putting a home made mask straight from the kitchen.

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You Say Tomato – TONYMOLY Tomatox Brightening Mask

Again the Tony Moly packaging sucked me in. This time it’s the Tomatox Brightening mask. I love products that contain tomatoes (like the Burt’s Bees tomato toner) because they contain antioxidants and all that other good stuff. What’s good for the belly is good for the face no?

Here’s the amazingly awesome package. Nice thing about these is that you can recycle them as containers for other products when you travel as well!

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Tofu Infinity and Beyond! – Moritaya Tofu Yogurt Pack (Tama no Koshi)

On this gorgeous Sunday…also depressing Sunday cuz most of us have to go back to work tomorrow (URGH) I decided to do a cheerer upper by slathering on the Moritaya Tofu Yogurt Pack. Again, in one of my previous posts I said that “pack” is another name for mask. This is something I just understood recently, how provincial of me.

So fermentation is a big deal in Asian cosmetics. We (not Angela and I,  but the Asian cosmetics folks) handpick and ferment stuff in barrels like they are nice fine wine. And of course what better example of fermentation than tofu? Through the coagulation process, salts, enzymes, and good acids are added so perhaps these can aid in making your skin glow like a shiny silken piece of white tofu…?

The container is so deliciously cute that I didn’t mind the $27 price tag (for 4.8 ounces of mask! Compare this to brand-name Kiehl’s which is $25 for 5 oz jar). And the texture…oh the lovely white, creamy-yet-jiggly texture made me wanna slap copious amounts on my face right there in the aisle.

Here’s the container:

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