Nail It In the Nude – NAILS INC. The Perfect Nude in Montpelier Walk

The Nails Inc. website says “Perfect Nude polish is the latest innovation for a healthy manicure – like a BB cream for your nails.” Ok bullshit, it’s not a BB cream (which is basically a tinted moisturizer) for your nails. It’s just a really nice nude-color nail polish mmkay? I understand the need to capitalize on the BB cream craze (soooooooo South Korea circa 2010 btw) but BB for hair and nails is just a dumb concept. It’s like saying “I put foundation on my hair.”

photo 3

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In the Nude – Maybelline The Nudes Palette

Nudity is one thing that is hard to pull off and is reserved for the perfect few. Except in makeup. Well, let me clarify. Nude colors can be universally appealing for everyone but actually hard for manufacturers to pull off. These colors either come off too dark or as if you’re not wearing anything which is actually not the point of a nude palette.

My eternal obsession is finding the perfect taupe and nude shade. So I squee’ed when the Duane Reade pharmacy across from work marked down Maybelline makeup to 40% off. $6 for a nude palette of 12 colors. Irresistible cheap thrill! My heart went pitter patter.



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