Nail It In the Nude – NAILS INC. The Perfect Nude in Montpelier Walk

The Nails Inc. website says “Perfect Nude polish is the latest innovation for a healthy manicure – like a BB cream for your nails.” Ok bullshit, it’s not a BB cream (which is basically a tinted moisturizer) for your nails. It’s just a really nice nude-color nail polish mmkay? I understand the need to capitalize on the BB cream craze (soooooooo South Korea circa 2010 btw) but BB for hair and nails is just a dumb concept. It’s like saying “I put foundation on my hair.”

photo 3

But my bitching digresses. Yes I actually do love this color. I have been looking for a nail color that gives me mannequin hands. It actually makes your fingers look long and lean. Sorta like how wearing nude stilettos make your legs look long and lean. Time after time, OPI and Essie have disappointed (San Tantonio from OPI comes close) due to streaking, wrong pink hue, or too much transparency in the color. Nude color should not be sheer. It should be an opaque nude color that masks the color underneath and hides all ridges and flaws. It should also match your skin perfectly. This is my favorite shade of nude because the others were too light (the lighter the more prone to streaking.) One shade darker might have worked (Draycott Avenue) but I wanted seamless blending with my skin.

photo 1

Behold the lovely end product. This polish is very shiny, has minimal streaking, highly pigmented, and dries ultra quickly. The finish was so shiny I didn’t even need a top coat (but used one for good measure.)

Pros: quick-drying, beautiful nude color (montpelier walk,) very smooth and shiny, didn’t yellow my nails.

Cons: $11 for polish seems standard but I’m used to getting wholesale prices since my mom owned a salon, didn’t last much longer than any other polish and chipped after several days.

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