Clay Achin’ – Morocco Ghassoul & Andes Salt Scrub

While browsing for groceries at my fav Japanese market Sunrise Mart, I couldn’t stay away from purchasing yet another Japanese product. Oh the irresistible lure of completely foreign text with only big ass English words “FREE GIFT” and “SPECIAL THANKS SET”!


I really wanted this because it came with a super cute little brush to scrub the blackheads off your nose.


I haven’t used the brush in such capacity but the scrub is marvelous. It’s not grainy. You only use a tiny bit and it’s super foamy and takes off all traces of dirt and oil. My skin is almost squeaky clean, but there’s a tiny bit of a snag when I run my fingers over my cheek. Almost like the smoothness of clear plastic wrap. It smells a bit like eucalyptus; similar to its cousin the Ghassoul mask I’ve reviewed earlier.

Pros: very good scrub to get rid of dirt and oil, not super drying for such a clarifying effect, a little bit of product lasts a long time
Cons: not very easy to find, the brush is semi-non functional besides being cute…maybe you can use it for makeup.

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