Pawlidays Come Early: Review of Custom Pet Shirts by Animal Hearted

What better way to wear your heart on your sleeve than to literally wear your beloved cat—or dog if you’re into that—on your shirt?

Animal Hearted—which donates 25% of proceeds to animal rescues and sanctuaries—does custom pet shirts (and its own designs created in-house). Given my our obsession with a certain feline, we pounced on the chance to try the custom shirts (courtesy of Animal Hearted).

Tl;dr: The purrrfect purrresent!

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A Tale of Two Kitties: How Roxy Opened This Hooman’s Heart

Angela here.  You all know the long, tortured story of my unrequited love for Renee’s cat and our blog mascot, Roxy.  For as long as I’ve known her, she’s only had eyes for maman–and only hisses for me.

*Not* me.
I chalked it up to my drooling eagerness and my inexperience around animals.  Surely she smelled the fear of rejection emanating from my (sheet-masked and glowing) skin and dismissed me as a useless HOOMAN.  Whenever I visited Renee in NY, I kept my distance from Roxy, resigned to being ignored or–if I was lucky–swiped at.

Still not me.

Then Roxy came to live with me for two months while Renee gallivanted in London for work.  This post is called A Tale (Tail?) of Two Kitties because there’s the Roxy I thought I knew before and the Roxy I know now. ❤ Continue reading “A Tale of Two Kitties: How Roxy Opened This Hooman’s Heart”