Bryan Furry and Roxy Mewsic: New YouTube Vid Starring Roxy (the Cat) & Behind the Scenes

01 BeautyandtheCat Make Over Roxy the CatTwo weeks ago, I bused my way up to NY to see Roxy Renee and film MOAR YouTube vids.  Given our love for Roxy–our blog mascot and muse–it was only natural that Renee and I created a video starring her.

Roxy is an all-natural beauty who goes without any adornments or enhancements most days.

02 Roxy the Cat
Those piercing eyes! Probably contemplating how to murder hoomans
03 Roxy the Cat
#hot supermeowdel

My love for Roxy has been long unrequited.  I first met her several years ago (Renee adopted her in 2012).  My initial attempts at affection were rebuffed with scratches and hisses, and the best I could hope for was indifferent coolness.  In the many visits since then, I’ve kept a cautious distance, admiring her only from afar.  All the while, Renee cuddles and kisses Roxy with ease–even receiving cuddles and kisses from Roxy!  Nope, not bitter at all.

Well something changed this visit.  One morning, in my half-asleep/half-awake haze, I felt the soft padding of paws next to my head.  And then the warm and unmistakable fluff of fur on my face.

05 Roxy the CatLet’s ignore the fact that she gave me her butt, mmkay?

I dared not reach out for fear of being rebuffed.  Instead, I lay still, just reveling in the nearness of her while my heart silently exploded into fireworks.  Play it cool, Angela.

That afternoon, we took Roxy for a furcut in anticipation of her big YouTube debut.  Renee did the real heavy lifting: 6 flights of stairs down while carrying Roxy in the carrier.  Roxy is not exactly, um, light as a feather.  Or even light as a cat.

I was happy just to pull her through the streets and parks of NY, taking care to lift up the carrier every time a wet puddle or bumpy crack appeared.

06 Roxy the CatAfter Renee and I finished some Asian beauty shopping in Chinatown, Queen Rox emerged from her 3-hour grooming session in her trademark lion cut.

07 Roxy Lion Cut
Instantly slimming! Where can I sign up for a lion cut?

The next morning, again in my sleepy haze, I felt a firm touch.  Actually TWO firm touches on my arm that lingered for several minutes.  As if Roxy just wanted to be near me.  Near ME!  My heart exploded right there and I’m now writing from blogger heaven.

08 Roxy the CatReally though, I loved filming this vid with Rox.  You can see that I’m still hands off with her in the video, but a girl shouldn’t be too forward, you know?

Anyway, in the video Roxy wears The Face Shop’s Real Gloss Vivid in Red Hommage (RD01), a wonderfully pigmented and long-lasting creamy, bright red gloss.  The brush applicator pops out with a press of the button on the end.

01 The Face Shop Real Gloss Vivid Red Hommage RD01And I’ll be frank: she looked better than Renee in it.  (Sorry, R!)

11 Roxy the Cat10 Roxy the CatIn the meantime, the saga of Angela and Roxy continues. Until we’re reunited, I’ll console myself with the 137 photos and videos of her that I’ve saved (thanks, Renee! Maniacal laugh) and the memories that live on in my heart eternally.

8 Replies to “Bryan Furry and Roxy Mewsic: New YouTube Vid Starring Roxy (the Cat) & Behind the Scenes”

  1. Oh my God this is the cutest thing. Or is that Roxy? Not sure.

    I like to pretend that a cat’s ultimate expression of affection is the signature butt press. It made me feel better about my cats pressing their butts on me all the time.

      1. I had a weird, clingy rescue cat who used to press his butt on me all day long. It’s definitely a sign of affection.

        On a scale of one to ten, where one is Indifferent Observer and ten is Unhinged Fan with Shrine, I’d say this reads at about an eight. Well done.

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