Fond of Ewe – Spring Leaf Lanolin Cream

From the LA haul this summer comes a very ewenique item: the Spring Leaf Lanolin Cream with Placenta Extract and Vitamin E. Technically, this isn’t an Asian Beauty product, but I did obtain it from an Asian Beauty store, where it was highly featured. I mean, with an unusual ingredient like lanolin and a placenta (whose placenta?) it fits perfectly into my beauty routine. Except for one thing….

It smells baa-aaa-ad. I didn’t expect flowers or green tea from lanolin, which is basically grease produced by wool-bearing animals similar to nice Mister Sheep on the label, but shearly they could’ve done something to take away the smell! They managed to get rid of the jerky smell from the horse creams, did they not?

I love how simple and straightforward the active ingredient list is. No fuzz. Straight up: Lanolin, Vitamin E, and PLACENTA EXTRACT. WHOSE PLACENTA IS IT? I kinda want to know the source of the placenta extract that I will be putting on my face. Have they been following a gluten-free, vegan, healthy diet? I mean, this is my skin we’re talking about.

And in the “other ingredients” list is fragrance. HAH. If the fragrance is petting zoo sheep smell mixed with bad breath disguised by a tinge of mouth wash, then suuuure. OK, purrrhaps it’s not that bad. But the weird plastic smell does prevent me from using it as a face cream.

The texture is quite nice. It’s a medium density white cream which spreads evenly and easily. I’ve been using it all over my body and I’m about 1/4 through the jar. This jar lasts SUPER long considering it’s the size of normal face cream jars (100g or 3.5 ounces) and I’ve slathered it all over my body post-shower.

The cream has excellent moisture-retention properties. It’s velvety smooth and non-greasy and I have no scaliness or ash on my limbs through the day. Not a bad purchase at all.

Pros: inexpensive, moisturizing, nice texture

Cons: sheep smell

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