Back to the Fuchsia

So it’s Friday night and instead of partying my ass into oblivion, I thought…”I MUST update my new fabulous blog that no one reads.” Because I have a commitment to this, see?

One of my favorite finds from last summer is fuchsia lips. Or maybe it was two summers ago. It’s now being reincarnated as “orchid” which is a little more purple, but it’s the same color family. It’s equivalent to the red lipstick of summer. Unlike coral, it cannot be mistaken for red lipstick. It’s sophisticated yet daring. Universally appealing yet more updated than red. It’s a flash of color on your lips. And you can get away with wearing no other makeup. It’s fking poetry!

My lazy ass is too…well, lazy, to do a bunch of crazy pics so you will be the basic three shots. Here are the steps:
1. Line with Revlon Colorstay lip liner in “Neutral”
2. One coat over lips of Mac lip primer

3. Two coats of Smashbox’s”Fuchsia Flash. I used the pointy tip of the lipstick to draw the edges of the mouth.(

4. Add optional makeup. Admire yourself and take selfies. Note in this picture that the color is off from the swatch due to lighting. Regardless, it’s a beautiful and bold color to wear for the summer!

Pros: It’s very flattering on lots of people (I’ve made my friends try it on). You don’t need a lot of other makeup because this stands out on its own. It’s the quickest way to have “wow” makeup. It’s very highly pigmented.

Cons: it’s a bit drying after an hour or two because of the “matte” texture even thought it looks more like a creme texture. It’s expensive at  and you can find a few similar cheapies in the drug store.

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