HD Baby One More Time! Makeup Forever HD Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation

While I’m on a roll and shared this site with the Facebook world, I wanted to quickly review Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation, the product that everyone wants to yap about.
Here’s my non-madeup face. I know it looks like a cat’s ass right out of the shower but be patient!

So I’m lucky to have pretty smooth skin with no zitz, scars, or craters. This is from years of dedicated pampering so it’s not like I didn’t work for it! Just cuz you’re born tall doesn’t mean you can play in the NBA mmmkay?

Right after this I moisturized and slapped on 1.5 pumps of the Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in Shade128 (Almond). I used the unscientific method of applying with my hands, no tools. The salesgirl at Alcone NYC (a profession makeup artist store for stage, film, and special effects makeup) did a swatch test. This was a shade darker than I need, but summer is here so I might as well do the “tan” look. It matched my darker forehead but my cheeks are a shade lighter.

Here are the bottle and swatch on the inner side of my left arm.

And voila, look at that almost flawless face. Slightly more attractive than a cat’s ass. NOTE: I did NO PHOTOSHOP on this image. For real, my Photoshop is fking broken, groan. No blur filters, no funny smoothing. There is no makeup here except for the foundation. You can see much more evenness in terms of freckling and redness & other coloration. I don’t know why I have random fibers on my face…probably from the cat.
Pros: medium coverage that you can build. I don’t need additional concealer under this. Very good light refraction which creates evenness and flawless ness in light and on camera. Doesn’t rub off as easily as some brands (like YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat which stays on anything my face touches).
Cons: expensive at over $40 per bottle. It sits rather heavily on the face and you can feel it. I don’t wear foundation often so I just want to wash it off right away. It doesn’t contain any sunblock.

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