Snow Water & Sleeping Beauty – Laneige Snow Water Sleeping Pack_EX

So on my cross-country flight back from LAX-JFK, I merrily dove into experimentation with Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX. I had seen this advertised in Asian malls and supermarkets before but the name never stirred excitement until now. Phoebe from Image Cosmetics (inside that Asian plaza on 500 N. Atlantic) said it is awesome, and I tend to believe and like her as a salesgirl. For those unfamiliar, the term “pack” means a mask. Not all masks are made alike. Some are wash-off, some are peel-off, some are actually leave-in moisturizers. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX is pretty much a light moisturizer made to be left on overnight.

It has over a thousand reviews on Amazon at 4.5 stars. This is a significant achievement for a beauty product due to the vast degree of variance between different people’s skin. Also, bad skin can be like obesity. Few products will cure it completely and the afflicted have a tendency to blame their troubles on anything they try, unless it delivers a miracle like the birth of Jesus.

So I had the luck & pleasure of spreading out across three plane seats with my Squadew mist and Laneige jar. I washed off all makeup, sunblock, and moisturizer before misting with Squadew and applying the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX.

The verdict? Skin is extremely smooth and it has an overall firming effect. However, it is…not as moisturizing as I’d hoped for an airplane ride. The altitude and the extreme drying effect of cabin air has countered the awesome snow water sleeping beauty effects. So I applied it again after three hours. Soaked up fast, firming and smooth, still not as moisturizing.

Now…I had put the Laneige on last night as the last step before my regimen and my skin had the best feeling EVER. My skin was supple, soft, smooth but firm, and NO OILY T-ZONE which I’d gotten every morning since I hit puberty. I also have tiny (barely noticeable) bumps along my jaw line; a condition known as keratosis pilaris which is caused by genetics. The bumps shrunk to imperceptible size in the morning.

So I am convinced that this should the last step as a “sealer” after the other lengthy layering steps. If you have oily skin this is a nice light hydrator for summer. But for combination skin and for the winter, it won’t be enough. These were the steps last night:

  1. History of Whoo oil cleanser
  2. Skinmedica Foaming ABA/HBA exfoliating cleanser
  3. Moritaya Yogurt Mask
  4. Skinmedica Lytera lightening cream (I’d been trying to get rid of freckles for years and this was prescribed by the dermatologist)
  5. History of Whoo toner
  6. History of Whoo balancer
  7. History of Whoo lotion
  8. History of Whoo eye cream
  9. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Pros: Great for oily T-Zones. It has no oil in the ingredients and no allergens I know of for my skin. Beautiful softening, firming, smoothing effects that all moisturizers strive for. Cheap at $23 compared to my other cosmetics.

Cons: Not all-in-one solution for night time moisturizing or for those who need a little extra help with dry skin. The product is in a scoop-out jar set up which can harbor bacteria (but I like being able to clean out the product to the last drop).

Ps: this is an obvious suggestion, but gel masks and leave-in moisturizing masks are great for long flights which cause oily T-zone and dry skin. I also pack a small face mist (like Squadew or any softener from SANA) to hydrate and refresh. A couple of sprays can make your transcontinental coach seat feel like an express spa.

P.s: behold (most, but not all) of my haul from the California Asian cosmetics mecca known was Alhambra/Monterey Park area.

7 Replies to “Snow Water & Sleeping Beauty – Laneige Snow Water Sleeping Pack_EX”

  1. I have problems with KP also (mostly along my upper arms, but also at my jawline, like you, and behind my thighs). Over the past couple years I developed breakouts of very painful boils that wouldn’t come to a head, and seemed to originate from a hard non-pus plug within the pore. These boils would last for a month at a time. In retrospect, I think it was just KP acting up. I was at my local Korean grocery store (H-mart) in January, and I decided to try the face wash the sales lady at the beauty counter recommended to me (which happened to be Laneige Pore Refining wash, also $22 — I figured why not…she picked that one out specifically, and the price wasnt outrageous). Well, I fell in love. These breakouts improved a lot, the wash itself smells great and cleans well. I even decided to buy the toner later (they gave me samples the first time, and I liked it — I use the Moisture one), and things got even better. I recently ran out of both and with my 2nd purchase, i happened to get the insert with more details on the Pore Refining wash that made the improvement make a lot of sense — one of its ingredients is apparently some sort of keratinase (anything ending in -ase, means an enzyme that breaks it up), i.e. an enzyme that breaks up keratin. It also contains salicylic acid, but I’ve tried other products with salicylic acid before, and none had quite the response that this face wash had for me. The toner contains mag sulfate which is also known to help with breakouts. You mentioned products delivering a miracle, and this combo (this face wash and toner) really has been it for me. (I haven’t used the sleeping pack though…relying on samples to get me the water bank gel cream for now…I dont want to get excessive with my facial expenses). I have still gotten a similar pimple here and there (usually when i decided to wash with something else, and/or didnt tone), but the pimples are smaller and go away quicker. I am also starting to use the pore refining face wash on my arms (I tried it once so far, and a couple days later, the bumps are smaller and softer!); I’ll see if it fixes the KP there.

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