Angela in Wonderland

Dior Wonderland, that is.  Dior’s latest lip product is the Dior Addict Fluid Stick, a glossy stain with pigmentation buildable to the equivalent of a lipstick.  Read on for my review of Dior Addict Fluid Stick in 575 Wonderland.

Wonderland is a warm and bright pink-red.  It’s definitely a look-at-me shade.  Because it sticks around (ha, see what I did there)–fading evenly to a soft, satiny stain after 2-3 hours–I like this for a bright or deep lip that’s low maintenance once it’s on.  On the lips, it feels like a smooth, cushiony, and thick lip gloss and gets tacky over time.


Now there are some high-maintenance aspects to this.  First, when applying, it’s hard to apply an even layer along the lipline using the doe-foot applicator.  I recommend using your finger to smooth out the color along the lipline.  Just remember to wash your hands because that stuff gets everywhere.  Second, spend the first 5 minutes after application wiping excess off your teeth and checking the mirror obsessively.  After that, you’re good to go for several hours.  Note that it’s definitely a gloss: it never dries down, so beware of eating, drinking, and wind.

Here I’m wearing one coat, which actually looks brighter in real life:

And here I’m wearing two coats for maximum impact:


Speaking of wonderland, here is my current favorite thing in wonderland . . . Choo Choo Cat!

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