Misty-watered color memories – Hadanomy Aquaplacenta Mist and Shiseido Hadasui Skin Body Lotion

In the nasty aftermath of my various sunburns, I used to grab for the OTC aloe lotions and such. And while those aloe lotions and potions are ok, these facial/body mists from the Japanese cosmetic stores kick it up a notch.

(My) Uses include: after-sun care spray, toner for my body before moisturizer, moisturizer alone for super hot and humid days.

If you want stripper-soft skin, you must religiously apply lotion all over the body right after a shower. Every Day! These toners will give you major catch up.

I got this beauty tip from a girl at the Image beauty store in Alhambra, CA. I owe my soft body skin to her. And to my moisturizing rituals since 12 years old.

Below are the two that I have been switching up. One is for the face which I use for my body. One is specifically designed as a body toner (these Japanese cosmetic firms think of everything). And why not? The rest of your skin needs toner just as much as your face does. And you can experiment with various cheap toners without sacrificing the face first! WIN WIN!





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