Top Korean Beauty YouTube Channels

In no particular order, below are my personal favorites that I’ve come across for keeping up with Korean beauty products and trends (good reviews and swatches, frequent posting, well produced). My method for discovering Korean beauty gurus on YouTube is quite haphazard, so I welcome your comments on your faves.

I did briefly consider posting everyone’s “My Love from Another Star”/Cheon Song Yi tutorials, but instead I picked some of my favorite videos spanning different looks and topics.

Updated March 2015

1. Meejmuse (English)

Jen used to live in Australia and teach children but is now a K-style reporter for Arirang TV in Korea. Blogger turned TV personality? An inspiration to us all.

Her TV segments (also in English) are assembled in a playlist under her username. For example, care to learn about men’s makeup?

2. So Young’s Beauty Room (Korean w/ English subtitles)

So Young’s videos showcase a lot of the latest trends in makeup.

3. Jungsaemmool (Korean and English captions)

Jung Saem Mool is a celebrity Korean makeup artist with her own line of makeup (MULE, which unfortunately I have not found in the US and is actually hard to find even online). Some vids display the editorial artistry that pros do so well.

4. “Get It Beauty”/various channels (Korean w/ English subtitles)

“Get It Beauty” is a Korean TV series focused solely on makeup, skincare, and all things beauty and showcases tutorials in front of a live audience as well as a Talking Mirror segment where celebs talk through their beauty loves. Can you imagine if we had such a show in America?! (Oooh, Leighton Meester Talking Mirror?) The closest that I can think of is “Friday Night Beauty” on QVC haha. This season was hosted by Yoo In Na, the supporting actress in “My Love From Another Star.”

Various channels upload subtitled episodes, including ibuybeauti and cosmeticlove1.

Here is Yoo In Na’s Talking Mirror tutorial on her signature orange gradient lips:

And a makeover segment from a show that debated the merits of Pink vs. Orange. Seriously, we need this show in the U.S.

5. Beautifymeeh (English)

Angel’s makeup looks are often basic, classic, and well explained. Couldn’t resist slipping in one Cheon Song Yi tutorial.  Teehee.

6. Yellowy Cream/Liah Yoo (English)

Liah lives in Korea and has great makeup and life-in-Korea videos.

7. From Head to Toe (English)

Jen’s looks range from everyday basic to all-out crazy (check out her yearly Halloween vids). Her vids usually don’t focus on Korean trends, but she does occasionally do K-pop tutorials and often features Korean products in her reviews. I can also relate to her because she has slightly hooded eyes and is picky about mascaras that hold a curl. I did this Hyuna/”Gangnam Style” look once:

8. Pony’s Beauty Diary (Korean w/ English subtitles)

Pony does all sorts of tutorials–from everyday looks to celebrities. Well edited with clear shots of the products she’s using. She has great makeup skills and some unique tips that I’d never heard before.

9. Wishtrend (English)

Associated with the online store, which carries some exclusive and lesser-known Korean brands, Wishtrend is more than just makeup tutorials and beauty trends. The skincare videos feel a lot like a friend sharing her personal and honest experiences. (Just check out the Blackhead Removal 101 video. Gross but who else but a friend would talk about blackheads in such detail with you?!)

10. EunJi Park (Korean w/ English subtitles)

EunJi (Egee) does high-quality makeup tutorials with clear shots of the products and how she’s using them. Some of them don’t have much explanation, but they’re clear enough. I like this video, where she creates a natural coral look (I’m still trying to perfect the “natural” coral eye).

11. KStyleTV (English)

This professionally produced channel is definitely geared towards an audience outside of Korea.  Its tone is that of girlfriends letting us in on the latest lifestyle and beauty trends in Korea.  Although the channel isn’t devoted to just beauty, the beauty vids can be quite informative (albeit a bit, er, obvious/2000-and-late to anyone who follows Asian beauty trends closely).  In the first video, skip to 6:45 to see swatching of lipsticks similar to Cheon Song Yi’s famous neon coral lippie (purported to be YSL No. 52 Rosy Coral).

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