Lash Sale: Latisse/Bimatoprost/Careprost Review + Before & After Pics

CAUTION: Latisse/bimatoprost/Careprost are prescription drugs.  Consult your doctor regarding use.  This post describes my personal experience and is not intended to provide medical advice or recommendations.

The prescription lash-growing drug Latisse by Allergan is notoriously expensive.  The good news is that there is a cheaper version available.  Latisse works because of the active ingredient bimatoprost.  This same ingredient is found in the same concentration (0.03% bimatoprost) in Careprost, a generic version available outside of the U.S.

01 Careprost PackagingI use it by squeezing a drop into the lid, dipping a (clean dry) eyeliner brush into the lid, and then applying the product on the upper lashline.  One drop is more than enough for both lashlines.

I apply it to a lashline that’s clean and free of any skincare products so that the product can absorb and also to avoid contaminating the brush and product.  I go from the inner corner to just short of the outer corner because, in past experience, I think some dripped down the outer corner and caused some skin darkening.  Gosh, that sounds bad, but it’s really not.  I feel comfortable walking out without concealer and it’s easily covered up by a light concealer and looks like regular undereye darkening.

I never apply to the lower lashline or let it drip into my eye.  (Dropping it into the eye can cause permanent darkening of irises.)  There is no need to overapply as it won’t hasten lash growth and increases the risk of side effects.

After application, I rinse the brush and allow to air dry before the next application. (Water can breed bacteria, so I don’t want to introduce any water to the product.)

It takes about 2-3 months of nightly application before I notice results.  It’ll just sneak up on me one day when I’m curling my lashes or applying mascara and BAM! I notice that my lashes look longer than I remembered or that I have one wonky long lash.  The length will eventually max out, at which point I apply 1-2 times a week to maintain the length.  When I stop using it, my lashes return to their natural length.  (My results are not as dramatic as in the ads, I think because the max potential of my lashes is naturally not that great.)

Check out the reviews on MakeupAlley for more info.


02 Before Careprost - Review
Before: Barely visible lashes. Most lashes don’t extend past the eyelid fold.
03 After Careprost - Review
After: Fuller lashes. More lashes extend past the fold.

Cons: Irritation and slight darkening of the skin is possible (one friend stopped using it because it caused irritation/redness).  And all the other side effects printed on the insert.

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