Hit me Babyface One More Time – It•s Skin Babyface Petit Pact

Asian cosmetic packaging is so damn cute. It’s not always the fanciest or most sophisticated, but it’s always so miniature and nicely compartmentalized. Gets me every time.

Behold the Babyface Petit Pact which is a mini compact powder. It’s only about 2 inches in diameter! Great for nights out when you have to fit your massive phone, credit cards, ID, and makeup refresher staples into a teeny clutch. Don’t get me started on chicks with big purses at bars and lounges.

In terms of powdering, it does an adequate job. I only saw two shades at the store. Most Asian makeup comes in two shades: pasty and pastier. But whatever. It’s just a powder to absorb my oily nose so I don’t care that much.

The finish is pretty matte and it had staying power for almost an entire work day (in an air-conditioned office though.) It was mattifying and got rid of some ruddiness

Did I mention that it is so small and cute?

Pros: tiny and great for travel and nights out. Comes with puff AND mirror in that small package. Nice matte finish. Good coverage for a power.

Cons: perfumy for some reason. I know there exist perfume compacts but this was not advertised as such, so I tend to think that it’s just the nature of the product. Shades are too light if you have light-medium skin with yellow undertones

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