Chic Cheek – Lavshuca Dressy Glow Cheek blush

New amazing makeup brand alert: Lavshuca. I want Lavshuca everything. I compulsively dropped this into my shopping basket while doing the binge cosmetics trip in LA and what a find! This is perhaps the TOP makeup item I’ve discovered this month. And I’ve purchased a lot of shit.
At $20 and a tiny container you would think it’s overpriced and nothing special. But this blush. Oh my this blush. First the container is exquisite. It comes with a puff with a little ribbon loop to hold on one finger, a separator so that the powder doesn’t get all over. Everything is embossed with pink lace (including the surface of the blush powder) AND the color is magnificent. One pat on the cheek and you’re ready to go. Such intense color and pigmentation.




This lasted me through New York summer humidity and a 75 minute yoga class. One pat on the cheek is all you need. I am not wearing ANY other makeup in this pic, swear. One pat made the cheek glowy and perked up my whole look. This compact will be my staple for a long time.

Pros: beautiful intense cheek color, exquisite little container, lasts super long
Cons: hard to find, only comes in two shades (peachy orange and fuchsia pink), quite expensive for a tiny container but you may not need much.

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