Snail belle – TonyMoly Prestige Snail Lip Treatment

“Sluggish” chapped lips? Dip into this luxurious snail lip treatment. Yes I am obsessed with snail extract but beside that, this is a very nice lip balm if you don’t mind that it’s escargot-based and somewhat pricey.
The texture is thick & “cushiony” but not greasy. Once you open the container, you can see that the balm has been poured so smoothly that it looks like molded clear pink gelatin. I almost didn’t want to break the satiny smooth surface by dipping my finger into the balm.

It’s very nice and moisturizing on the lips and it doesn’t run everywhere outside of your lip lines. It’s slightly minty with an almost eucalyptus smell and has absolutely no taste. I keep on rubbing my lips together and the balm spreads nice and evenly. No stickiness or gumminess. Not a whole lot of shine either so you can layer on other lip products like gloss or color.

Overall a very nice lip balm! I will try it again in the winter to see how it fares against the Northeastern snowmageddon weather.

Pros: smoothing, softening, silkening effect on lips
Cons: comes in bacteria-prone jar where you have to dip your finger into the balm, expensive at $12 (compared to Burt’s Bees lip balm which is $4 or Chapstick which is $1)

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