Blake Unlively: TonyMoly Kiss Lover Live Tint #1 Live Pink Review

01 TonyMoly Kiss Lover Live Tint #1 Live Pink ReviewTonyMoly Kiss Lover Live Tint in #1 Live Pink looks like a gorgeous faintly neon pink coral in the bottle. (It looks like a bright pastel here, but that’s only because my camera couldn’t capture the neon-ness.) The texture is thin and liquidy: slightly heavier than a typical watery lip tint but lighter than some milky lip tints.

02 TonyMoly Kiss Lover Live Tint #1 Live Pink Review

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Butter Me Up – TONYMOLY Wonder Butter Moisture Cream

It looks exactly like butter. You know, the lovely room-temperature tub of goodness that you can just sink your knife into and spread globs all over waffles. Mmmm. I like my butter just a little salted. Well, aside from looking like butter (or margarine in a tub), this lotion is nothing like that. Doesn’t smell like it, doesn’t butter you up like butter. Doesn’t feel like a body butter even!

I’ll give TonyMoly thumbs up for amazing packaging and lovely scents. But so far I am kind of annoyed at how watered down their products seem to be. I had high expectations for this butter moisture cream to be my go-to. But it’s just a thicker version of a lotion. The texture is very butter-like but when you rub it in, it is not that velvety and luxurious like the image that it conjures. It’s not as moisturizing as other body butters (Boots body butters are out of this world btw). Continue reading “Butter Me Up – TONYMOLY Wonder Butter Moisture Cream”

Snail belle – TonyMoly Prestige Snail Lip Treatment

“Sluggish” chapped lips? Dip into this luxurious snail lip treatment. Yes I am obsessed with snail extract but beside that, this is a very nice lip balm if you don’t mind that it’s escargot-based and somewhat pricey.
The texture is thick & “cushiony” but not greasy. Once you open the container, you can see that the balm has been poured so smoothly that it looks like molded clear pink gelatin. I almost didn’t want to break the satiny smooth surface by dipping my finger into the balm.

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You Say Tomato – TONYMOLY Tomatox Brightening Mask

Again the Tony Moly packaging sucked me in. This time it’s the Tomatox Brightening mask. I love products that contain tomatoes (like the Burt’s Bees tomato toner) because they contain antioxidants and all that other good stuff. What’s good for the belly is good for the face no?

Here’s the amazingly awesome package. Nice thing about these is that you can recycle them as containers for other products when you travel as well!

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My Lips from the Star Tutorial a la Cheon Song-Yi / Jun Ji-Hyun (Using Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in LR07 Love Me Pink and TonyMoly Tint in Cherry Pink)

While Renee works her way through the animal kingdom, let me share some lip looks that I’m drawn to lately.

I was briefly am still obsessed with the Korean drama “My Love from the Star” (also known as “My Love from Another Star” and free on Hulu and DramaFever).

Story aside, I loved taking in the characters’ makeup looks.  Cheon Song-Yi (played by Jun Ji-Hyun), Korea’s sweetheart, sported full-on bright lips in a rainbow of feminine colors: cherry red, deep red, orange, hot pink, violet pink, coral pink, . . . gawgeous.  Her best friend/proverbial bridesmaid, Yoo Se-Mi (played by Yoo In-Na), sported the very-popular-in-Korea gradient lip, usually in orange or peach tones.

Here I show you three different lip looks inspired by “My Love from the Star” and all those beautiful Korean stars with hateably glowy and clear skin.

*Note: Today was overcast so all of the photos came out dull and cool-toned.  I edited them to try to show the true color, but I don’t think I captured the brightness and richness of the colors.

1. Over lightly moisturized lips, pat on a suuuuper light layer of foundation (I used a BB cushion).  Stop here if you like corpse lips.

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