Holy Moly it’s so cute! – TonyMoly 7 Fruit Princess Lip Gloss in Apple

I HAD to have this. The Asian/child/Asian child in me squealed at the super super “kawaii” cute packaging. The apple cartoon being smiles at me with anime lashes and an open teeny mouth.

The gloss itself is very smooth, very shiny, and has a beautiful sheer tint. Of course it doesn’t last very long. But it does the job and it smells irresistible. It’s slightly sweet but doesn’t taste like food. Somehow TonyMoly products smell and look incredibly like food but also elegantly non-saccharin and not sugary.

Pros: incredible scent, adorable packaging, very nice shiny gloss that isn’t too tacky or gummy, nice sheerest hint of color. Unlike many Asian cosmetic products this is easily found in stores and online, especially at Urban Outfitters.
Cons: expensive at $12-14 depending on where you buy. Shine and color do not last for a semi-pricey product. It’s a little watered down. You’re really just paying for packaging.

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