Lash Out! – déjàvu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara

I almost never wear mascara. I used to…until several incidents where I over-crimped the lashes on one eye and all of them broke off and stuck onto the curler. It looked like my sleeping eye was on the curler!

But enough about that fiasco. Occasionally I will try a new mascara because I am inspired by an ad or because I need a new product to be excited about. Most of the time the overpriced tube of mascara (Estée Lauder lash lift mascara-discontinued, Dior Show waterproof, Max Factor, etc) gets tossed into my 2×4 foot makeup bin.

This is the next one: déjàvu Fiberwig Extra Long mascara. I got a combo set which came with a tiny tube for the bottom lashes. Squee! Cute!

Angela is the queen of hooded eye waterproof mascaras so please defer to her recommendations first! But déjàvu Fiberwig is an ok brand IMO. Doesn’t hold a curl THAT well but it does make your lashes long because of those tiny fibers. And it’s pretty waterproof in humid weather.

You will need two coats to make a difference. The wand also dries out quite quickly and the formula clumps a little bit but you can comb the clumps out with a lash comb.

Here is the step-by-step. You can see that Asian hooded eyes press down on the lash so that the end finish is less remarkable.

Notice that the wand holds tiny fibers (of what, I don’t know. But they work and they are non-irritating).

Pros: very good at lengthening, waterproof, smudge-proof, good volume
Cons: pretty expensive at $25, doesn’t hold your lashes up as other waterproof mascaras, a little clumpy

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