Butter Me Up – TONYMOLY Wonder Butter Moisture Cream

It looks exactly like butter. You know, the lovely room-temperature tub of goodness that you can just sink your knife into and spread globs all over waffles. Mmmm. I like my butter just a little salted. Well, aside from looking like butter (or margarine in a tub), this lotion is nothing like that. Doesn’t smell like it, doesn’t butter you up like butter. Doesn’t feel like a body butter even!

I’ll give TonyMoly thumbs up for amazing packaging and lovely scents. But so far I am kind of annoyed at how watered down their products seem to be. I had high expectations for this butter moisture cream to be my go-to. But it’s just a thicker version of a lotion. The texture is very butter-like but when you rub it in, it is not that velvety and luxurious like the image that it conjures. It’s not as moisturizing as other body butters (Boots body butters are out of this world btw).

Since I have to use globs of it, the $24 smallish tub diminishes rather quickly. My friend once got me a tiny 3 ounce jar of lotion that lasted me a month. And I used it to moisturize my entire body for a MONTH. Compared to that, I’ve already used 25% of this TonyMoly tub in a week. Sad because I expect so much more out of a product that has ingredients like cocoa butter, Shea butter, mango butter, Etc. But nope. Not buttery.

Pros: nice scent, delicious-looking texture, not greasy or sticky, smooth on skin
Cons: expensive, just ok at moisturizing, feels watered down because I have to use so much.

2 Replies to “Butter Me Up – TONYMOLY Wonder Butter Moisture Cream”

  1. A new Tony Moly store just opened up in Chinatown NYC and I was thinking if I should get this with their grand opening special of 20% off – guess not after your review!! Check out the photo dump if you can, it’s my latest post!

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