Super Triple Heeeeyyy~! Naruko AMPM Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle Review

01 Naruko ampm Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle ReviewNaruko is a Taiwanese skincare brand headed up by a man named Niuer and focuses a lot on natural and plant-based ingredients. It has various lines targeted at different skincare issues. From Naruko’s AMPM line, I purchased the Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle.

“Super Triple HA” refers to the three forms of hyaluronic acid in the ingredients. Although I think something got lost in translation because the English ingredients list includes sodium hyaluronate twice as well as hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid.

02 Naruko ampm Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle ReviewTrue to its name, the texture is souffle-like: fluffy, bouncy, and delicate. Yet it’s dense at the same time and resembles a self-leveling panna cotta.

It’s a great basic moisturizer for my normal-to-dry skin. Although it boasts anti-aging and brightening properties, I can’t say I’ve noticed any such effects attributable to it. However, I’m happy to have this in my routine as an effective hydrator during the day (underneath SPF) and at night.

03 Naruko ampm Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle Review The ingredients are more up Renee’s alley than mine: hydrolyzed roe, fucus vesiculosus extract (seaweed), hydrolyzed caviar extract, natto gum (fermented soybean). (I’m sorry, fish!) According to the website, there’s also an ingredient called cat’s foot extract, but I couldn’t discern from the ingredient list or Google what that is. I feel confident though that no cats were harmed in the making of this product haha. (Also, Naruko claims not to test on animals.)

04 Naruko-ampm Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle Review
Naruko, please fix your branding. Is the line called AMPM (American site)? [ampm] (Singapore site)? am+pm (product packaging)?
A generous amount is provided: 4.03 oz. to be precise, whereas most moisturizers come in the 2 to 3 oz. range. This amount can be a bad thing though because Naruko’s website advises that the product be used up within 6 months due to the herb extracts eventually causing slight color and odor changes. Because of that deadline so to speak, I spackle this across my face, neck, and chest without guilt.

Pros: Generous size for the price ($38 retail price). Moisturizes well. Thin, slippery texture. Doesn’t pill up.

Cons: The included spatula’s superfluous. Due to the large size, might be hard to use up before the color and smell begin to change.

I bought mine at Beauty Tips at Atlantic Square in San Gabriel, CA, which has an entire wall of Naruko with testers. Naruko also has a U.S. online store as well as some brick-and-mortars.

2 Replies to “Super Triple Heeeeyyy~! Naruko AMPM Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle Review”

  1. I have heard of this brand before but never tried any of their products. It’s a good thing that there is so much product but I would have to use it all the time to use it up before it expires D: I wonder if they will make it in a smaller size in the future xD

    – Orchid

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