What the Fish? Mizon Returning Starfish Biomask

Korean cosmetic brand Mizon has expanded their line of invertebrate-extract skin care by coming up with the Returning Starfish mask (and cream which I will review later, of course). Why the poor starfish? The ability of starfish to regenerate lost body parts means that there is something in their stem cells that is magical. But if rubbing this on ourselves actually worked like we wanted it to, I’m sure people who lost limbs and stuff would befriend lots more sea creatures.

I am a fan of snail extract and basically the extract of all plump gelatinous liquid-filled creatures because they don’t seem to have too many skin problems and can totally heal their own wounds with goo.

But this “returning starfish” sheet mask is just dumb. It’s in the shape of a starfish so you put it on your face as if you were attacked by an alien face hugger:

In terms of effect, it’s about the same as every other sheet mask. The material is somewhere between a cotton mask and a hydrogel one. My skin favors sheet masks so it’s nice and soft and hydrated afterwards. But I can’t get over the poorly designed shape which covers middle of my face but leaves out most of my forehead. It’s worth a try if you’re dying to experiment with starfish extract like I am (a somewhat niche interest). But at $7, I would recommend a box of My Beauty Diary instead.


Pros: hydrating, soothing effect
Cons: impractical shape, expensive for what it is, which is basically a paper sheet mask.

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