White on Time – Laneige White Plus Renew Purifying Mask

Every Asian product ever would promise to “whiten.” I don’t want to break it all down but this whitening business is pretty suspect. In any case I’ve used a moderate amount of “whitening” and “brightening” creams/potions/masks to treat my entire face of freckles and nobody has mistaken me for Michael Jackson yet. What DID homeboy MJ use though..? We need some of that for our age spots!

But I digress. My friend kindly brought me a sample from Laneige so of course I have to jump on it. I LOVE MASKS can’t you tell?

The latest experiment is with the Laneige White Plus mask.

It goes on silky smooth and is a very nice thick-but-not-chunky consistency. It feels luxurious and substantial on the skin. While on it doesn’t give any sensation; no stinging or tingling or cooling effect.

After washing it off I only see a temporary lightening of the skin. Almost imperceptible whitening but the pores did shrink. My skin is very silky afterwards but the wash-off is not entirely clean. If you drag your finger across your cheek it’s almost squeaky.
I’ll definitely check it out the next time I’m at an Amore store. But in the line-up of masks (I have probably over 20) it’s probably just somewhere in the upper half. Nice disposable butter typed container though; great for traveling! And that little butter container lasted me 3-4 uses!
Pros: packable, lovely texture, nice moderate pore shrinkage and tiny bit of lightening effect, pleasant super light fragrance
Cons: hard to find, not super special in the grand assortment of masks, expensive at approx $4-5 per little container. I’ve only seen it on eBay and it’s sold in a pack of 10 for about $40-50.

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