Extreme, Exshmeem: The Face Shop Face It Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner EX Review

01 The Face Shop Face It Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner EX in Black ReviewThe Face Shop’s Face It Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner EX in 01 Black can actually be used for the subtlest, most natural look that’s far from extreme. A felt-tip liquid eyeliner pen, the eyeliner’s main selling point is the three-pronged fork tip designed for tightlining between lashes.

02 The Face Shop Face It Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner EX in Black ReviewOther companies have come up with this same type of eyeliner (e.g., KATE, Clarins, Too Faced). I’ve tried Too Faced’s 3-Way Lash Lining Tool but it smudged after a few hours, leaving me with panda eyes. Happily, the Face Shop’s version has a better, longer-lasting formula.

The formula dries to a shiny inky black and is supposed to be water-, sweat-, and sebum-proof. I can vouch for its all-day wear in between my lashes and long-but-not-quite-all-day wear on my watery waterlines, which are where I wear this. However, the arm swatches washed off easily with some water and rubbing, so I’d be careful about using this in rigorous conditions (swimming, under a shower).

03 The Face Shop Face It Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner EX in Black Review Swatches
1-Dotted using the prong tip. 2-Dotted multiple times to overlap. 3-Line drawn with the tip turned on its side. 4-Stripes drawn with the prong tip.

Although the eyeliner is supposed to work as a regular eyeliner as well, it’s hard to use that way because you must constantly be aware of the angle at which you’re holding the tip; turn it slightly the wrong way and suddenly the line is a lot thicker than you intended. Also, the tip–even turned on its side–is not precise enough to do a cat flick and the formula tends to bleed ever so slightly. That said, if you just want to slap on a ton of eyeliner in a quick pass, the prong tip can cover a lot of area at once. Maybe that’s why it’s called “extreme”!

To tightline, I like to gently hold up my eyelid with my left ring finger (I’m right-handed) and dot this from underneath the lashes along the lashline and waterline. I use a wedge-and-wiggle motion to work this in between the lashes. It takes 2 to 3 passes to get the line as dark and solid as I prefer. (On skin that’s not as wet as the waterline, 1 pass will be enough.) See also here and here if you’re unfamiliar with tightlining.

For an extremely natural look, I use just this and no other eyeliner. Other times, when I’ve applied eyeliner to my upper lashline, I use this to fill in the waterline and any unfilled gaps along the lashline. Totally optional, but it helps give an ultra-finished look to eye makeup.

04 The Face Shop Face It Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner EX in Black Review 05 The Face Shop Face It Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner EX in Black ReviewPros: Extremely natural looking. Lasts all day in between the lashes. Lasts a long time along the waterline; when it does fade away it doesn’t cause panda eyes.

Cons: Hard to use as a regular eyeliner. Sometimes smudges on the very corner of the eye.

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