Can you be more Pacific? – Pacifica Mystical Brightening Eye Shadow Palette

If by “brightening” Pacifica means lots of frost over my eyes, then yeah it’s brightening. I wanted to love this palette so bad. I wanted it to love me. I wanted to introduce my family to it. But nay. On to the next one.



Here’s what I look like after applying the shadows over Too Faced eye primer. I did a quick sloppy job but you can see the color payout is not good with my skin tone. The only thing that showed up was the purplish shadow called moonbeam. To be fair it did oxidize a bit to be less frosty…but not much.

There’s so much frost in the shadow that it looks nothing like the shade in the pan. I look like I used Barbie’s play makeup set from seventh grade.
The powders do go on very smoothly but kicks up quite a bit of dust.
Sad face.

Pros: beautiful packaging although the palette is made of cardboard (I realize Pacifica is a sustainable brand), decent price at $14 for four shadows.
Cons: frosty finish, colors way too metallic and light, lots of powder fallout in the pan

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