Mask Production – Korres Beauty Shots Ultimate Mask Collection

Adding to my collection of 25+ masks are four more in a set. Holidays are a difficult time for me because all these mini sets just siphon all the money out of my wallet. But look at the endless collections and sets and kits! Omfg!

This is a fruit infused mask set from all-natural Korres which is supposed to focus on delivering quick results (quick shot of beauty for date nights or recovery from a night out).


To save time I wore all four at the same time like a mask-zophreniac.


They all smell marvelous. Just fruity, aromatic, fresh, refreshing. As far as the “beauty shot” effect I didn’t see much of a difference.

You mean you can’t erase the effects of 5 hours of drinking and eating sodium-laden food at Bowery Bar???? Fark!

Pros: nice set to give or receive or keep at only $36. Good natural ingredients. Smell wonderful and you do feel very pampered putting it on.

Cons: didn’t see much tightening or shrinking or refreshing effect. It can’t do magic and undo any self destruction from the night before.

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