Soy Meets Girl – SANA Nameraka Honpo Essence Sheet Mask

Asian cosmetics companies are really into fermentation. I guess the acidity and yeast of various fermented stuff is good for skin. Hey, any process that makes wine is good as far as I’m concerned. My latest acquisition (to add to the already massive mask collection) is the SANA fermented soy milk sheet mask.


To be honest I bought it as a mistake. It looks like those makeup remover pop out packets. I never knew sheet masks come in these types of containers, which is actually kinda cool and space-saving instead of individually wrapped ones.

The mask itself is kinda small and has a (very slight) waffle weave texture. The weave is supposed to keep the sheet well-soaked. You have to kind of stretch the mask a little to fit your face. The eye sockets barely fit over my eyes when I first put a sheet on without stretching it a little. I guess that’s what the illustration in the back is indicating.

The mask stings just a teeny tiny bit. It’s almost an itchy feeling but didn’t cause a rash or anything. I feel it just be working. I put it on for 10 minutes which is enough for the sheet to almost dry.

Long term effects are tbd. Right away I feel that my skin is very moistened and supple, but that’s the instantaneous effect with almost any mask. It smelled a little yeasty and almost like the SK-II essence! Could it be that it’s somehow chemically similar?

Here’s yet another pic of me in a Jason-like mask. You can see here that the eye sockets of the mask has to really stretch. And I actually have a pretty small face!


Pros: cheap at 32 sheets per packet. Each packet is $12.99 at your local Japanese supermarket. I went to Mitsuwa for this. It’s probably not that easy to find. Conveniently packaged. Definitely can feel some effect on your skin.
Cons: some people might not like the tingling effect. Nothing super unusual or earth-shattering in terms of results. Hard to find.

2 Replies to “Soy Meets Girl – SANA Nameraka Honpo Essence Sheet Mask”

  1. This is more of a toner sheet than a true sheet mask. You’re supposed to keep it on for 5 minutes that’s all. I love them in winter when my skin is super dry.

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