The Daily Snail – Nature Republic Snail Solution 1,000 Hydrogel Mask Sheet

After a night of socializing with coworkers (which involved coffee Patron shots) I did not want sluggish (pun intended) skin the next morning. Yah I have 6:30AM Barre class in the dead cold of winter (cuz I wanna be skinny more than I want sleep.) So of course I reached for my trusty snail extract product: the newly purchased Nature Republic Snail 1,000 Hydrogel Mask Sheet. What’s the “1,000”? It means the mask contains 1,000mg of snail mucin. They coulda just said 1g but I digress…


I don’t know what most of the instructions say except that you put this on for 20 minutes. The ingredients feature snail and botanical extracts in generous amounts (based on the order that they come in the list.)

This mask is pretty amazing. Most hydrogel masks are awesome because they hold moisture so much better than paper/cotton sheet masks. They are plump and luxurious and usually come in two separate sections for the top and bottom halves of your face. Because it fits your face perfectly and sticks on like plastic wrap, it seals in moisture and probably helps skin absorb all the good stuff. Behold it in action:

The mask has a grid-like texture which may or may not do anything.

After leaving it on for 20 minutes, I felt that the hydrogel solution absorbed and the mask was adequately dried of solution. During the last 10 minutes I definitely felt a tingly sensation; almost itchy. After taking it off my face was flushed. My skin was super moist and soft to the touch. My orbital bone area felt very plump and hydrated.

Then I had another 6 skin care processes to so before bed so it’s hard to separate which product did what, if I wake up with glowing skin tomorrow morning. In any case the hydrogel mask definitely felt like a good self-care routine after drinking. Tomorrow hopefully I won’t wake up looking like a corpse.

Pros: hydrating, luxurious, plumping, natural, not greasy as all, about as cleanly moisturizing as rubbing raw aloe on your face.
Cons: expensive at $5 a pop compared to cotton sheet masks which are $1 or less.

2 Replies to “The Daily Snail – Nature Republic Snail Solution 1,000 Hydrogel Mask Sheet”

  1. Hi, I read so many beauty blogs and find that your reviews are so well written, its rare and I’m an instant fan having monolid myself. My I ask how you made your lids fold in this review? It looks so natural!

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