Black and BLUE! – Love Drops Indigo Blue Eyeliner (liquid)

From the massive haul of LA beauty stores comes a new unexpected favorite: INDIGO BLUE LIQUID EYELINER! It sure is pigmented, smooth, and totally beats Stila Stay All Day in cobalt blue. Behold Love Drops (excuse the odd name)


At first I thought the liner just looked black and was semi disappointed at the color because I wanted a deep blue liner for fun:

Upon certain lights it has a blue tint to it. It’s not super obvious so you can use it as a substitute for regular black liner as well. Score!



The color lasted about 14 hours with no smudging. I wasn’t exactly exerting myself though. Still, for somewhat of a novelty color, the liner still delivered strong deep pigment, smooth application, and a very rich nice blue touch to an otherwise boring black liner. Interesting yet versatile! Not a bad impulse purchase at all.

Pros: color, staying power, rich pigment, easy sharp felt tip applicator (though over time I anticipate felt tip pens getting dull,) reasonable priced at $17 at Takashima
Cons: incredibly hard to get if you’re anywhere outside of LA Pasadena area.

One Reply to “Black and BLUE! – Love Drops Indigo Blue Eyeliner (liquid)”

  1. Whoa loving this! I’ve been wanting a blue liner but I can’t decide how much money I want to spend on it…. This would be worth it, I love liners that are black at most angles and a different color at others. (see also: Bobbi Brown black scotch and black mauve gel liners)

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