SYN-AKE to me baby – Lovemore SYN-AKE Peptide Complex Firming Facial Cream

Syn-Ake is an anti-wrinkle chemical based on a synthetic protein fragment that replicates part of the venom of the Malaysian Temple Viper. This compound works in a manner similar to Botox to relax tight skin muscles that create wrinkles. Now, with that said, I don’t think anything applied topically can work the way that injected Botox and fillers work. But what the hell. I bought this on a whim during my September haul in Canada:


After applying a Lululun mask (special green grapefruit edition,) I slathered this Lovemore Syn-ake all over my face. YES it feels firming, if only temporarily. It smells a bit musky, almost like a soft English leather mixed with a tea rose scent. It’s a very different but rather pleasant scent for a face product. The texture is of a light, bouncy cream, almost like a moisturizing gel but a bit heavier.

It goes on very smooth and softens the skin right away. I already threw out the box and can’t even find anything about this product on Google. Of the few times I used it, my skin felt extremely hydrated and silky soft and firm. Don’t see/have many wrinkles so I can’t tell if it actually smoothes or not. Of course this might end up being a miracle item. Fml

Pros: cheap at $20, pleasant scent, effective at hydrating and softening (anti-wrinkle property is debatable,) lots of product for the money.
Cons: ULTRA hard to find even among my selection of random products, cheap label sticker keeps on peeling off, not really anti-wrinkling.

One Reply to “SYN-AKE to me baby – Lovemore SYN-AKE Peptide Complex Firming Facial Cream”

  1. Hi, out of curiousity, did you purchase this from Beauty Star in Pacific Mall? I’ve just purchased the Snail Mucin version of this product, same brand and packaging and also couldn’t find any further information! Seems like it’s not available anywhere online either. Thanks for posting this review!

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