Need for Seed – TheFaceShop’s White Seed Exfoliating Foam Cleanser 

Here’s a super seed to supersede your previous beauty cleanser: the face shop’s new seed line. I got a sample of the whitening and exfoliating chia seed cleanser and fell in love with it. So of course despite having a vanity full of scrubs I had to get this:

Now the “white seed” cleanser doesn’t specifically mention Chia seeds. But it doesn’t really matter because the graininess of the seeds are used for exfoliation and not for their moisturizing properties.

From the label it looks like there’s some flower seed extracts and whatnot. Basically the texture is more important than whatever plant extracts they put in. Since a cleanser doesn’t stay on your face long enough to absorb, I don’t think the additional benefits of “extracts” would be realized.

Again I loved this cleanser because it cleans pretty thoroughly. Some might not like this because they might have dry skin or feel that the product “strips” away moisture. Having combination skin and hating any trace of gunk on my face, this is perfect for me. The exfoliation is very gentle as the scrubbing granules are super fine. It’s delicate enough to use every day. And it’s not a bad deal at $17! I love the squeaky clean feeling even from a pea sized amount which foams up well.

Pros: effective as a cleanser and mild exfoliation, great at removing even my pretty water resistant makeup.

Cons: hard to find. The face shop might stop carrying it eventually.

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