Layer Cake: Code Glokolor N. All-uid Foundation in 20.5 Medium Review

01 Code Glokolor N All-uid ReviewThis will be a short review.  I hated this.  I even thought about giving it a second try, and then I thought, Why?  Incidentally, I received this in the K-Beauty Box/Get It Beauty Box promoted by Soko Glam last year, which also contained another hated foundation, the Dr. Jart+ Bounce Beauty Balm.  The most positive thing you’ll see in this post is the GIF.

02 Code Glokolor N All-uid ReviewThis Code Glokolor N. All-uid Foundation left a dry, cakey finish with patchy medium coverage.  I didn’t even bother taking face photos.  I suppose I could try mixing in some moisturizer or volumer in the pan, but why do that when I have a million cushion compacts that don’t require that much work?  And the pretty star perforations don’t stay pretty after use.

03 Code Glokolor N All-uid ReviewThe package comes with a compact, an insert+puff, and a refill+puff.  What’s weird is that the puff sits on top of the perforations, so if there’s any leftover foundation on the surface, the puff just soaks it up or maybe it dries out.

I received the shade 20.5 Medium.  It has strong yellow-peach undertones, close to NC20?

06 Code Glokolor N All-uid 205 Medium SwatchEven though I picked up a little product with the puff and pat-pat-patted it on, the experience didn’t replicate the cushion-compact experience at all.  The product didn’t go on evenly and further patting didn’t even it out.  Maybe this works on oily skin, with a really good primer, or with a different applicator.  For the record, my skin has been on the normal side lately and was well prepped with moisturizer, so I’m inclined to blame the product.

05 Code Glokolor N All-uid IngredientsPros: Cute gimmicky packaging.

Cons: Cute gimmicky packaging.  Dry, cakey, patchy appearance.

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