Snail Mailed – Cupidrop’s sponsored Lioele Intensive Time Reversing Snail Cream

In the spirit of full disclosure, this Liole Intensive Time Reversing Snail Cream was kindly sent to us by Cupidrop to review. It’s a new website for Asian cosmetics and they have a few promos going on. (I’ve had my eye on this sheep oil cream but that will have to wait…)

However they didn’t manufacture this product NOR does this alter my absolutely real opinion of this product in any way. Come on, we can afford this shit ourselves 🙂 But I gleefully tore open the UPS containing MOARRRR snail cream. But this time, it’s ANTI-AGING!

If you look at the packaging it’s mostly in Korean. But one very important feature is the ingredient list in English. I appreciate that because I have 50 different kinds of allergies and I am so afraid of mystical Asian products with no ingredient list.

It’s mostly familiar stuff. I’m not impressed that snail secretion is the 6th ingredient. Common knowledge dictates that by the time the 3rd or 4th ingredient is listed, it constitutes about 1% of the product. I still love that waaaaay in the middle is my new fav ingredient: DONKEY MILK! Snail and Donkey?! Put meeeee in that sandwich please!

The jar is nice and expensive-looking. It comes with a little spatula which I never use (I know that dipping my hand in the jar is a big sanitary no-no but I’m too lazy to wash that miniature spatula after every single application.) Plus, I always wash my hands before applying products on my face so they’re clean already.

As for the cream: it is soooooo thin and watery and doesn’t have the consistency of a “cream” at all, especially an anti-aging one. It has an identical texture to the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. In a way, maybe that’s good for the summer as it feels lighter than most anti-aging products.

I will try not to jump to conclusions about the anti-aging properties based on texture alone. All I can say is that it felt sooo thin so I didn’t immediately feel like it’s doing anything. But after about 15 minutes my skin did feel incredibly smooth.

I plan on using this nightly until it runs out and update this later, as people say that it takes 30 days for your skin to fully shed a cycle of dead cells and you won’t see the full effects of any products earlier than that.

Pros: nice packaging, nice ingredients combining squalane, snail, and donkey milk, seems to be very smoothing on the skin.

Cons: watery and thin texture so you don’t feel like it’s doing anything (contrary to the way you’d feel after rubbing on a thick layer of La Mer.) This may also lead to more product usage and waste.

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