Oil’s Well that Ends Well – Pure Smile Argan Natural Oil Sheet Mask for sensitive/dry/combo skin

This mask (from the latest Rox Box that Angela sent) hedges all of its bets by being targeted towards all types of skin. Dry? Sensitive? Combo? Scaly? Hairy? Just grab and go!

When you first open the package you will notice that the serum is super milky. It’s an opaque white instead of clear like most mask serums. The fabric is thick and ill-fitting like most of these tend to be. There’s a LOT of serum leftover so you can do another mask with a DIY mask sheet. I’m lazy these days so I just rub the rest of the serum on my arms and legs. There’s enough for both arms AND legs!

Here’s the back of the package. Both Angela and I have trouble finding the ingredients. But after the picture you can find a superbly translated blurb about the product.

“It is in a sleek oil milk carefully trim thickened skin moisturizing Pack. Adopt a alganiaspinosa kernel oil (argan oil), the sheet gently wraps the skin natural cotton sheet. Further, Fullerene, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, hydrolyzed collagen, moisturize. Force of nature of high-quality oil milk gives moisture to the skin and prepares. Excess bag oil milk, triple moisturizer for water, oil and LaTeX because your body care. Skin over his scent of argan oil.”

So there’s oil milk which I guess is similar to the Josie Maran Argan oil milk moisturizer. Overall I rather like the milky texture but think it would be better as an essence or a milky toner rather than in mask form. It doesn’t feel too absorbent in this format. Here’s the ill-fitting mask on my face. I’m starting to wonder why these thick sheet masks fit so poorly…maybe my face is too small??

Overall it’s a very nice soothing mask. My arms and legs have this nice smooth sheen where I applied the mask. A lot of it stayed on my face even after the paper sheet dried so I had to pat the excess serum in gently. It’s a nice to have but maybe not a must-have in the ever expanding universe of face masks.

Pros: soothing, nice texture, almost scent less for the sensitive nose, very smoothing on skin.

Cons: no ingredient list, doesn’t seem to absorb into skin as quickly as other mask serums.

2 Replies to “Oil’s Well that Ends Well – Pure Smile Argan Natural Oil Sheet Mask for sensitive/dry/combo skin”

  1. I have a small face too! I usually cut my masks around the parts that it folds the most so that it fits me better, especially around the cheeks where I seem to have a lot of excess.

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