Well Red – NYX High Voltage Lipstick in Burlesque

Once in a blue moon I’d wear lip stick. Now that fall is here, and the nasty upper lip sweat is no longer an hourly occurrence, I’m diving deep into these crimson, burgundy, vampire hues. So exciting and thrilling….like the original Dracula, and NOT like the new Twilight series. Vampires used to be sexy. Now they just glow like Korean pop stars. But I digress, of course.

From the free files graciously donated to us by NYX Cosmetics comes this lippie. I didn’t think much of it because it looked like a dark reddish brown in the tube. But I was feeling in the mood to #shopyourstash, so I grabbed it: The High Voltage Lipstick in Burlesque

When you open the tube it is a dark brownish red. I THINK it has warmer undertones but I couldn’t really tell for sure. The tube is pretty skinny so there isn’t a WHOLE lot of product.

The NYX website says it’s a bright deep red but it’s not really bright at all. It’s very deep and pigmented. I’d say like a blood color. How macabre eh?

It swatches a LOT brighter than it appears in the tube. On my totally yellow Asian skin it’s almost orangy (of course if you mix your primary colors, yellow and red, you’d get that effect, kakaka.)So on a meh day in the office, when all the bosses were gone, I decided to brighten my look with it. Below is a pic of me wearing nothing (I mean no makeup.) I mean a little makeup (Kat Von D Lolita liquid lipstick if you MUST know.)
One swipe on upper and lower lip and tres burlesque non? I feel that this deep red is perfect as a fall transition color. It’s red but not in-your-face (like Taylor Swift’s reds) because of the darker undertones. I dare say it’s almost ok for the office. It even looks ok in this horrid white fluorescent office lighting.
Pros: cheap at $6 a pop, opaque high color pay out, comfortable to wear and medium lasting (about 4 hours)

Cons: I really don’t see it in stores, just on Ulta.com, not super longg lasting like the higher end lippies out there.

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