Cat’s Out of the Bag: What’s in Angela’s Bag (Paul & Joe Sister Ecume Bag)

I hope this cat has nine lives because I’m going to wear this bag to death.
00 Paul and Joe Sister Ecume Crossbody BagTo answer your obvious question:

01 Paul and Joe Sister Ecume Crossbody BagA cat bag among cat bags: Cat embroidery.  Cat lining.  Cat dangler/keychain.  Cat dust bag.

02 Paul and Joe Sister Ecume Crossbody BagYES, THIS IS REAL LIFE.

You might have guessed, but this post is mainly to make Renee even MOAR green-eyed than she already is.  This Ecume Cross-body Bag by Paul & Joe Sister is now sold out on the interwebs, and I grabbed one of the last ones on Shopbop–ensuring that Renee can’t be Siamese cat twins with me.

Let’s see that purrsnatcher try to bag a cat bag now!  Maniacal laugh, muahaha, maniacal laugh.

(The pink pouch version is still for sale though on Shopbop.)  This was my consolation in lieu of a Beanpole Accessory x Kakao Friends purse.  Unnnggg, anyone else salivate/break out into hysterics at the sight of Buttface–excuse me, Apeachall over handbags and wallets?  And let’s not get started on the enamel butt charm.

This cat bag is even better though–cheaper, vegan, only slightly immature for my age, and CATS.

03 Paul and Joe Sister Ecume Crossbody Bag
Cambodian Sanskrit cuff by The Rise Collective and cat emoji ring by Verameat

At 6.75″ x 9.5″ and 3.25″ deep, it forced me to toss my giant wallet and downsize to only 3 lip products.  How do you small-purse people survive?!

The organization is fab though!  There are three main compartments, similar to the layout of the slightly bigger Pearl purse by Lo & Sons.  Let’s skip the boring non-beauty stuff and go straight to what I carry for touchups and beauty-mergencies. Currently:

04 Paul and Joe Sister Ecume Crossbody Bag

  • Dior Lip Glow (link to my review)–a longtime handbag staple!
  • Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Red Blossom for gradient lips on the go.  I’ll do a full review and swatches, but my opinion can be summed up as: love the concept but not the execution, and I wouldn’t repurchase
  • Laneige Water Drop Lip Tint in Raspberry Pink (link to my review), a medium pink that works in and out of the office
  • Mirror compact.  The design is styled after the ceiling in London’s Royal Opera House.  It’s reminiscent of the Sephora Cinderella compact from a few years ago (this year’s version is here), which I missed out on, but this one is so much better because it reminds me of my jolly good holiday super fun vacation in London last month
  • Caudalie hand lotion for perpetually dry hands (from my Citypharma Paris haul)
  • Blotting sheets (free gift with Jolse order)–have never actually used these.  Even when I’m shiny now, it tends to be from an overdose of Guerlain Meteorites or Ambient Lighting powder instead of actual oil. #dryskinproblems  But the blotting sheets stay in as a security blanket
  • And how can I forget my pH test strips?  One never knows when an enticing face cleanser will appear (especially self-foaming ones ::purrs::)

06 Dior Lip Glow Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Water Drop Tint07 What's In My BagWhat are your handbag beauty staples?

16 Replies to “Cat’s Out of the Bag: What’s in Angela’s Bag (Paul & Joe Sister Ecume Bag)”

  1. Love it! It’s so chic even with, no, ESPECIALLY with the cat. I switch between handbags every few days, so I actually put everything into one small cosmetic pouch and my wallet for easy transferring. They include my lip balm + lipstick, hand sanitizer, tissues, and…my charger, heh.

  2. “only slightly immature for my age”

    Angela…don’t ever change.

    My bag necessities are my cushion compact that I never actually use to touch up, but instead to just check my makeup once in a while and to flash around like bait in case there are any Kbeauty fans around; whatever lip product I’m wearing; and, yes, pH strips. Always pH strips.

    1. I can confirm that flashing a cushion is like bait. A girl pulled one out at a coffee shop once and was touching up with it, and only my social ineptitude kept me from asking her how she liked it and which brand it was.

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