Catte Fancy: Paul and Joe Sister Anatole Cape Review

The pawpularity of feline fashun is undeniable. At the furfront of this trend is Paul & Joe Sister, which needs no introduction to us CATTE LADIES. We’ve been fans of the Purrisian label’s catte-themed threads longer than this blog has existed.

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It’s the “more affurdable” sister brand of Paul & Joe (luxury staple brand of Paris fashun week) and cousin of catsmetics line Paul & Joe Beauté (check out Renee’s collection here and here).

A combination of whimsy, femininity, and playfulness, Paul & Joe Sister injects joy into dressing with quality and sophistimicashun.

Paul & Joe Sister distinguishes itself with its quality construction (made in France) and high-fashun silhouettes. Naturally, when it sent us the Anatole cape (also available in cream and blue if you can find it), we fangirled for a hot minute and then got to work meowdeling!

We show you the full CAPE ABILITIES by styling it to suit our very different styles.

Sizing note: We usually fit 0P or 2P in U.S. sizes. Size 34 was perfect. Not too long and of course no worries about sleeves being too long.

Renee (“The Sophistimicated One”)

Capes are a risky fashun statement. Almost anybody who can pull off a cape is cool af.

And it serves purrrposes that a coat doesn’t: it keeps you warm without crushing, wrinkling, or hiding your purrrecious outfit underneath. If you’re clever, you can wear it on fall and milder winter days with a bit of layering.

The Anatole cape is purrfection. Furrrench quality, 70% wool, and 100% moi.

For contrast, I paired the cape with red lips, gloves, and legs. Pulling up the foldover collar kept me extra warm and made me look heroine chic (Hitchcock heroine, ahem).

I looked at many other capes and their specs weren’t nearly as good. Some garments have lower wool quality, which means the fabric is made with more synthetic fibers that act as fillers. And a lot of brand-name garments have been made in China. Don’t think that cost savings from Chinese production have been passed on to you, at all. The French quality was evident throughout, down to the super secure buttons. (Phew because where the f are you gonna find massive cape buttons if they fall off?)

Santa baby, slip another cape under the tree for me.

Angela (“The Sweet One”)

I’m really FELINE the catte details! The furrocious pockets and satin lining are trademark Paul & Joe Sister. I almost want to wear the cape inside out!

I kept it simple: cat sweatshirt, necklace, and ring. You know, the staples in every woman’s clawset and my go-to outfit for a lazy Caturday. All I was missing was my Paul & Joe Sister bag.

Love how the cape instantly elevates everything. It’s like the sheath dress of outerwear! Everyone compliments you on your fancy look when all you did was throw on one simple piece.

But then the blue catte lining peeks out and you’re reminded that simple doesn’t have to mean basic.

Snag this on the Paul & Joe Sister site or Shopbop!

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