Here Kitteh Kitteh – Paul & Joe’s Eye and Cheek Color Set in Sugar and Spice

I know this product is almost a year old but I couldn’t resist picking it up during my binge trip to LA. IMG_2130.JPG

This Paul & Joe set was a 2013 Holiday gift set and it is as damn marvelous as it looks!

The set comes with a cosmetic bag featuring kitties! Inside is a duo eyeshadow pot (I got mine in Sugar & Spice 001 which has a bronze brown with orange undertones and a shimmery beige which is good for highlights or used alone), a lipstick shaped like a kitty’s smiling head, and a tube that looks like lip gloss but is eyeshadow glitter/shimmer primer/base.

I have used all three and very happy with the colors. Very practical and universally appealing though the brown shade of eyeshadow is SLIGHTLY too orangey for my taste. The tube of eye shimmer is very glittery but somehow still muted enough to wear as a base. It didn’t leave big chunks of glitter around my eyes or anything.





For $65 it’s not cheap but it’s a lot of product. And LOOK AT THE KITTEH LIPSTICK! I used the lipstick only once and felt immediately guilty about ruining the back of kitty’s perfectly smooth head. The lipstick is a peachy pink with a creamy texture. It’s not sheer but it’s subtle enough for every day wear to the office. For special occasion I would layer more lipstick and put gloss over it.

I can’t wait to see what 2014 holiday brings =^.^=

Pros: beautiful set that’s good to keep or gift to your friends. Nicely pigmented shadow and lipstick. Very universally appealing shades.
Cons: pricey and hard to find.

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