BeautyandtheCat Sunscreen? Yes Please!

BeautyandtheCat Sunscreen Sun Pearls

COMING SOON: Volition will hold another GIVEAWAY starting this Monday, June 26th!  Each vote for Sun Pearls will be automatically entered.  Voting is open to all; U.S. residents are eligible for the giveaway.

I (Angela) am obsessed with sunscreen.  Maybe you picked that up when I reviewed 12 Japanese ones in a megapost (all SPF 50+ and PA++++ of course).  But one question always nagged at me: how do I know whether I’ve applied enough to get the actual level of SPF advertised on the bottle?

I dreamed of sunscreen that came pre-measured and perfectly portioned in capsules to make it easy to apply just the right amount.  No guesswork and no measuring spoon required.  (Yep, I resorted to using a 1/4-tsp measuring spoon at one point.)

Well now you can vote for my idea to come to life!  (One vote per email.)


Once there are enough votes, the Sun Pearls move into the formulation stage (with my input) and will eventually be sold on

Currently, Sun Pearls is just an idea.  The product page illustrates my vision, but the actual product is yet to be formulated, tested, and made.  (Hence, no ingredients list.)  This is why I need your vote!  Volition can do all that–but it’ll only invest the resources if it sees that there’s interest from you.

Stickers *not* approved by Volition.  Kekeke.

Every vote counts, and I hope you’ll support me even if you’re a vampire with no intention of ever buying Sun Pearls.  Voting does not commit you to buying anything.  Voting simply moves the campaign forward, and if you do choose to buy Sun Pearls once they’re available, you’ll get a 15% discount if you voted.

I’m so excited.  This feels like an episode of “Shark Tank” come true!  (#TeamLori)  Maybe I’ll even achieve my secret dream of being on QVC.  (#FridayNightBeauty)

Thanks for all your support!  And please spread the word.  The faster we reach the goal, the faster the campaign moves forward.

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