You’ve Got Snail! My Escargot Obsession – Nature Republic Solution Special Set

Angela and I are two ladies who are obsessed with skin care and beauty products (like every other lady ever). So now that we’ve provided that detailed introduction, WELCOME to our first blog post. After reading thousands (ok maybe half a dozen) blog posts, we’ve decided to come up with another one. Because that’s why.

Angela works as a lawyer and I am a bitchy finance person so we will keep most of our posts short and to the point. Due to the schizophrenic information age, I personally believe that more than a few hundred words WILL bore people and lead them to miss critical information.
So here is my first product review (not the first product I’ve ever loved…oh that beautiful cheapo Oil of Olay). Ange will post the next one right Ange?

Nature Republic’s Snail Solution Set: Skin Booster, Emulsion, and Cream. To be applied in that order based on decreasing concentration of snail slime.

Made from the slimy stuff that the friendly critter leaves behind (snail trail), the theory behind it is that snail mucin is anti-inflammatory and is beneficial for the skin. AND IT IS. Perhaps this is psychosomatic but my skin is supple, glowy, firm, and soft after a month of use and I still have half a container left of each!

Pros: As anyone could hope for, it’s moisturizing, seems gentle, and seems to be deliciously nutritious for my skin. Inexpensive compared to most high end products. I paid $65 for the set pictured.

Look at the glowy skin up close. If my ugliness bothers you, focus on the post-makeup picture on the right. I don’t know why part of my lips are blue; it’s not like that in real life and it’s not caused by any skincare product so don’t be fearful.

Cons: Ange thinks snails have to toil day and night on treadmills in snail sweat shops for the production of this product. I think it’s good for their exercise regimen. The containers are clunky and it’s hard to pour out the booster and serum.

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