Mascara Must-Have: Anastasia Lash Genius Review

Hi, world and Google footprint!  Angela here.  I like to think I’m the softer side of TheDurianGray BeautyandtheCat. . . we’ll see.  It’s the first day, and I’m still up at 1am blogging.

For my first post, and because it’s freakin’ 1am, I wanted to start off with something simple and easy to photograph.  So today I’m introducing you to a little known item that I can’t live without: the clear waterproofing topcoat for mascara.

The title of this post is a little fib as it’s not a must-have for everyone.  But it sounded better than “Mascara Must-Have for a Narrowly Defined Demographic and Just Optional for Everyone Else.”  If you read on, you might recognize yourself as a member of that lucky demographic, and if so, this just might be life-changing info.

You see, the bane of my makeup existence has always been my hooded eyes.  Sometimes referred to as Asian eyes (even though many Asians don’t have them) or monolids (which are actually different), hooded eyes mean that my poor lashes are constantly touching my upper lids.  The constant friction and oils from my skin inevitably cause the melting of any mascara within an hour.  Yes, even waterproof mascara.  Yes, even after applying a great eye primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion) and powdering the area.

So what’s a mascara-loving girl to do?

Enter Anastasia Lash Genius!  I literally apply this every. single. time. I wear mascara.  Just apply mascara as normal.  Comb out clumps.  Wait for it to dry.  And then lightly apply Lash Genius.  Comb out excess as needed.

IT WORKS.  My theory is that the topcoat creates one more layer that the friction and oils must break through to reach the mascara.  With the topcoat, my mascara can last all day long and, critically, it doesn’t take the curl out of my lashes.

Even if you don’t have hooded eyes, a topcoat is great for other uses:

  • the intended purpose of waterproofing any mascara so you can swim, get caught in the rain, and watch “Love Actually”
  • clear brow gel and mascara
  • mascara primer.  It holds a curl really well.  I’ve used this as the first layer on clean, curled lashes.  Let dry.  Then top it with whatever crappy non-curl-holding mascara I want to use.  (Top it with another coat of the topcoat for hooded eyes/waterproofing.)  Results aren’t always consistent with this method though.  Once in a while, the topcoat will take the curl out.

Lash Genius ($21) is pictured here next to what is probably the Adam & Eve of clear topcoats, Clarins Double Fix ($24).  I started using Double Fix in . . . college?  A few years ago I switched to Lash Genius when it was introduced and haven’t looked back.  They’re actually identical in effectiveness, but Lash Genius is easy to buy (the Clarins counter was frequently out of Double Fix) and Anastasia is cruelty free (Clarins not so much).

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