Bronze Medal: Fairydrops Platinum Mascara (Film Type) Review

Fairydrops Platinum Mascara (Film Type) sounds promising: lengthening fibers, a water-resistant film formula, and–of utmost importance to my straight lashes and hooded eyes–“extra curl keep!!”

01 Fairydrops Platinum Film Type Mascara Review

02 Fairydrops Platinum Film Type Mascara ReviewThe brush is slightly curved with three balls of bristles.

03 Fairydrops Platinum Film Type Mascara ReviewSadly, as soon as I applied it, I could tell that this was not the mascara for me.  The formula simply takes all the curl out of my lashes.

Exhibit 1: I curled the lashes on both eyes and then applied Fairydrops to just the eye on your left.   What happened to the curl?!  The eye with no mascara looks better!

04 Fairydrops Platinum Film Type Mascara Review - Compare No MascaraExhibit 2: I then applied one of my HG mascaras, Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara, to the eye on your right.  See, it is possible for mascara to hold a curl on hooded eyes.  Just not possible for Fairydrops Platinum.

05 Fairydrops Platinum Film Type Mascara Review - Compare Stila Stay All Day MascaraAll was not lost though.  I recurled the side where I had applied Fairydrops and the curl held all day long, just like the Stila.  It looked pretty good, too.

06 Fairydrops Platinum Film Type Mascara ReviewThe Fairydrops showed signs of wear after about 10 hours.  Because of its film formula, it came off in the form of tiny flakes under my eye, which brushed off easily.

Despite Fairydrops’ redemption of sorts, I don’t see myself using this for anything other than lower lashes, where it excels because of the brush shape (which doesn’t overapply product) and the long-lasting formula.  The reason is that I don’t want to have to recurl my lashes every time:

  1. It takes extra time. Why bother when I have my HG mascaras that don’t require this extra step.
  2. The results are a little unpredictable because the curler sometimes squishes the lashes the wrong way.
  3. Some of the mascara comes off on the curler and gunks it up.
  4. Recurling and combing out clumps results in little flakes of mascara falling onto your cheeks.  I suspect it also causes the mascara to flake off sooner.

As a last resort, I tried using it purely as a waterproofing topcoat a la Anastasia Lash Genius.  But it just didn’t function as well as Lash Genius; I noticed some smudging after 8 hours.

I can see how Fairydrops could be an HG for someone whose lashes are naturally curly. For me though, I’m sticking to my HGs for hooded eyes, which you can check out here.

Pros: Long-lasting even on hooded or oily lids.  Holds a curl if you recurl lashes.  Great on lower lashes.

Cons: Doesn’t hold a curl unless you recurl after application.  Comes off in flakes.

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