Hola Beaches! – Alterna BAMBOO Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray Leave-in conditioner

Products that are in spray bottles are one of the best things since sliced bread…without all the carbs. The spray bottle can distribute products evenly, cover a large area in one spritz, and are so portable!

Yesterday I went to the new Urban Outfitters in Herald Square near Macy’s. It. Was. Awesome. I blew over $200 in about 30 minutes but let’s not talk about my bank account waaaaah 😦

This was my haul. I will review one product out of these six things; the Beach leave in conditioner from BAMBOO.
Ok I have been lucky to be born with straight thick shiny brown hair. But I also try to condition it and keep it in really healthy shape by not applying a lot of heat to it. The summer sun tends to lighten it by about 3 shades and my obsession with the beach means lots of salt water and sun damage on the hair. So I got this:

Seems like a nice concept because the spray is so much better than spreading leave-in conditioner all over your hands and then applying it. You can’t get to all your hair by spreading a dime sized amount! Just sounds dumb to me.

The consistency is ok. Of course it’s a spray so it’s liquidy and not thick like most conditioners. It’s relatively expensive but I shall make my own conditioning spray by combining conditioner and water and refilling this bottle

Here’s my hair before and after. No difference really but it’s not makeup and not a shine serum so I wouldn’t expect it to make my hair look different right away. It does initially make hair a little sticky but you can comb it out. It also has a slight scent of ammonia which is probably not great, but it’s almost imperceptible.


Pros: great spray bottle, specially targeted for after sun conditioning for hair, it’s an actual conditioner and not a shine serum or frizz-ease like most of its kind
Cons: expensive, slight ammonia scent, not super potent of a conditioner.

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