Ben Nye (not the science guy) – Ben Nye’s Camera Ready Lipstick in Russian Red

I once coveted MAC’s Russian Red but thought it was too blue for me. Yes reds can be blue right? And boom, Ben Nye comes in a sweeps me off of my feet with the perfect shade of vs vs voom holiday red. Not Bill Nye the science guy but Ben Nye the makeup guy!


I usually swing by the broadway / theater makeup company Alcone near my work in midtown, and saw this stunning shade on the sales girl. She pointed me to the Ben Nye section. For $10 this lipstick is a dream.

I applied it without liner or base and it went on sharp, smooth, and evenly. It lasted through hours with only one retouch. Because matte lipsticks can be drying, I always put Chapstick on top and this lipstick didn’t even smear. And it even looked great on KITTEH!

Pros: cheap, high pigment, beautiful stunning shades of red, long lasting
Cons: can be a little drying just like any matte lipstick,

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