Nice Ass! – Imselene Donkey Milk Holic Sleeping Mask Pack

Asses aren’t just great in rap songs anymore! Leave it to the Koreans to milk the benefits of donkey lactation! Donkey milk is the new skincare rage. And why not? If it was good enough for Cleopatra it might be good enough for moi! Behold my latest acquisition thanks to Angela’s recent LA beauty hoard…er…haul:

IMG_0951 According to Wikipedia: donkey milk (or Ass milk, hehehe) has been used since Egyptian antiquity for both alimentary and cosmetic reasons. Cleopatra supposedly bathed in the milk of 700 donkeys to preserve her skin. Must’ve worked since she nabbed that Mark Anthony (not the singer) and that Caesar. So here’s the unveiling of my ass…sleeping mask:


IMG_0959 The consistency is super super viscous. Taking off a bit from the container leaves a long slimy string that you have to wipe off. Is this due to the property of the donkey milk or is it a gimmicky fabrication of texture (like the starfish cream)?

IMG_0961 I don’t have a picture of it on my face because it wouldn’t look like anything. It goes on slightly tacky then absorbs with a slight film on your face. It’s easy to sleep with it on. The smell is lovely; like a milky vanilla pastry YUM. The next day my face was INCREDIBLY SOFT AND SILKY. I am in love with this mask. Yes it’s better than the Laneige sleeping mask because Laneige is a bit on the lighter side. I feel like this donkey milk is doing more. Where can I get me some of dat ass?? No really, I mean now I wanna go buy a donkey.

Pros: lovely effect, nice scent, wonderful sleeping mask and my favorite this year

Cons: hard to find, some ppl don’t like ass on their face…

8 Replies to “Nice Ass! – Imselene Donkey Milk Holic Sleeping Mask Pack”

  1. I have a few lengthy flights coming up and am in search of a leave-in mask to help with my dry skin. Would this work? I also have the Laneige Sleeping Pack in mind…

  2. I use the laneige water mask as a treatment when i’m working from home in the day.
    I use the laneige firming one too, I put it on my body on spots that need firing like bubbs n’ the thighs. I did get one butt pimp but im not sure if it was from the mask cuz my face didn’t break out.
    My donkey milkholic mask just arrived n the mail today!
    I’ll keep you posted. I’m 33 and look 27 so it will be nice to see how it works on someone whos not 19 or 21 since most bloggers are super young and have good skin anyway.

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