Justin Sky-n-Lake: Skylake’s Mask Pack Whitening

This Skylake update is very timely considering I almost drowned at Lake George over the weekend. No exaggeration. On top of that my idiot cohorts were laughing because they thought I was joking since I was holding my sunglasses above water trying not to lose them. I really loved those folding Rayban Wayfarers….and yeah, not being able to swim really puts a damper on water sports. I definitely got plenty of sky and lake over the weekend and lived to remember both. Of course my subconscious drove me to grab the Skylake Mask Pack to decompress tonight.

Skylake is apparently an all-natural herbal Korean skin care line. Emphasis on the herbal. I mean what’s up with the plant that the cat is pointing at? Kekeke. They have a tiny nook of a shop in K-town NYC (29W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001) which is easily overpowered by the Tony Moly flagship and The Face Shop. But they carry their unique line of herbal skin care. There’s an anti-thinning shampoo which I tried and loved. My hair does appear to have less fallout. I have pretty thick hair but bunches fall out during blow drying.

Their mask line all look the same but there are several iterations for “whitening” and “anti aging” and so on. Below is the ingredient list:

This box says “elastic” but I actually bought whitening and just stuffed all 5 whitening masks in this box. The ingredients are probably all the same. Lots of roots and such. It says “dual mask pack” because there are 2 sheets. One sheet is a regular mask sheet which goes over your face. The other sheet is a long strip which you can wrap around your neck or below the chin (for your jaw V-line I suppose.)

I am not a huge fan of the smell. My olfactory nerves are more sensitive than most, and the mask smells too “Eastern medicine” for my liking. It’s as if sweet Grandma was here offering me some herbal rubs for my sore neck.

The mask stings a little for the first 10 minutes then the effect dies out, presumably with the evaporation. I do feel that my skin has been penetrated by some root elves or something after all that tingle. It’s a nice plumping effect probably from the peppermint in the ingredient and nothing else. Nice concept with the herbs but I’m not sure if they did anything else.

Pros: all natural, inexpensive at $3 each mask, nice concept of herbal meds as skin care.

Cons: benefits of herbs not apparent, hard to find, stings skin for those who are more sensitive.

4 Replies to “Justin Sky-n-Lake: Skylake’s Mask Pack Whitening”

  1. I generally avoid the more intensely “herbal” type of products and fragrances for the same reason as you…to me the herbal smell just reminds me of the elders of my family, who are/were very good people but it’s not quite the glamorous or relaxing sensory experience to me.

  2. I just got a Skylake mask and was looking for ingredients – then stumbled across you finding them! I think they seem ok, my ingredients are all in Korean and it’s the whitening one too. I feel a bit like a mummy with it on and the smell is pretty herbal to say the least…let’s hope it works!

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