Make it Reign – Maskingdom Taiwanese Aboriginal Fit for Queen Masks

From the hauls of Vivian’s Asian airports comes this Maskingdom boxed set of Taiwanese Aboriginal masks. It has awesome unique natural ingredients (like the below Shell Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus) and bomb designs that make me squee! But is that its only crowning achievement? (har har har)

Based on the interwebs, I was able to find out a bit more about this Taiwanese brand. How could I have missed this while in Taipei?? Anyway, the store is in the Ximen area (which I happened to skip, damn). Funny enough, a Berlin blog featured information on Maskingdom which I’ll briefly summarize:

  • This company manufactures face masks in different ranges. The unique thing is that the brand focuses on Taiwanese cultural heritage and engages different illustrators and artists for its packaging. Hence you see the Taiwanese aboriginal look featured in this box

The ingredients are nothing extraordinary IMO. Just the usual herbal extracts along with xanthan gum and glycerin. Note that this is a TWO part mask:

  1. The pre-mask serum (in generous amounts) is in the top portion of the package. I mistakenly tore it off and tossed it the first time I used one of the masks. DAMNIT.
  2. The mask itself. They come in various colors and textures (this one is a black sheet mask, but the first one I tried was a white thinner fabric).

Here’s a close up of the pre-mask serum. It’s a very clear, slightly sticky serum. Very slippery to the touch and lightweight.

The sheet mask is of a medium weight and thickness. It’s well soaked with serum but somewhat stiff (heh heh) so it doesn’t fold too well around my face. Square mask on a round face.  I had to pull out my trusty Daiso silicone mask protector once again.

The effects were soothing, extremely softening, and smoothing. But I noticed not a huge difference by mid morning the next day. In the realm of face masks, this is probably a 7.5-8 out of 10 in terms of quality and immediate effect. But to obtain the whole set is not an easy feat, though an Amazon seller does offer it for $6.99 PER MASK if you’re so inspired. I think you can get it for about $20-25 a box of 5 in Asia.

Pros: beautiful packaging, nice softening immediate results

Cons: expensive, not widely available, packaging is the only really unique thing about them

3 Replies to “Make it Reign – Maskingdom Taiwanese Aboriginal Fit for Queen Masks”

  1. Oof! i saw these while I was in Ximengding and went around the entire store but didn’t buy a thing because it was so expensive! I certainly have a price ceiling I dont want to hit with sheet masks and these were through the roof! Glad I didn’t bother at the time!

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