Kicho Kicho ya ya dada – Kicho Natural Mineral Water Foaming Cleanser

The two lovely girls Sue & Hera from reached out to BeautyandtheCat to test their new products. I’m always in the mood to disco-fur some sites and KBeauty. Once upon a time, even peachandlily was obscure, right?

So they sent us this, behold:

Kicho Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser

This is a new brand, and according to the excerpt from the site:

The philosophy of Kicho is to wholeheartedly embrace the order of nature. Kicho is dedicated to bringing back the basics of skincare, combining ancient arts with modern research. Kicho works in unity with the skin, respecting the skin’s essentials, by avoiding harsh chemicals and using natural ingredients, like sprouts, minerals, and plant placenta.

Oooh! I like placenta from anyone, plant or animal. And being natural is all the rage nowadays so I was stoked when the package came.

I don’t know what the eff the mail room guys did but there was some…ummm…leakage on the package. It wasn’t a huge deal and was only on the outside…but whuh? Did they test the product for me? Kekeke.

Of course having constant allergic reactions to everything in life, I checked out the label very carefully to search for scary stuff:

First ingredient is coco-betaine. I was like, what? Is this CHOCOLATE? But…neigh…t’is not. It’s an organic compound derived from coconut oil and dimeth—yada yada.

Other than that, I guess it looks like a lot of vegetably extract and plant stuphs. Looks good to me.

It’s kind of cool that Ohlolly is the seller & actual distributor of this product. I feel that maybe they’re onto something here. I’ve never seen this product but it has a high-end price point and seems promising.

Below is a pic of the cleanser pump bottle. At 30mL it’s quite small but the PERFECT travel size. I’ve been taking it on my snowboarding trips and it has lasted awhile.

The pump bottle dispenses about a palm-sized dollop of foam. My guess is that the actual liquid is pea-sized but being foam it looks much bigger. I like the pump because it dispenses just the purrfect amount to wash your face. Less product waste.

I tested this with the ultra waterproof SANA Power Style Liquid Eyeliner, which is one of the most bulletproof eyeliners I’ve ever had. Note that the liner drawn on my hand is kind of bleeding around the edges because I had just washed my hands. I do that once a year, heh heh heh.

And I used ONLY the Kicho cleanser to take it off. As you can see, it did a pretty good job of taking off this super dark waterproof liner but still left residue. I think if you wear light makeup, this could be a one-stop cleanser without using oil cleanser. I’ve washed my face after wearing other waterproof makeup and they rinsed off fine.

As far as the after-cleanse feeling, there’s still a feeling of a micron-thin layer of something on my face. I haven’t pH-tested this like Angela so I don’t know how Kicho stacks up against the pH-champs. However I like my face stripped and squeaky, pH-tested or not. I like the Kicho cleanser because it was at least 5 minutes before I had that dry tightness after cleansing (but before putting on moisturizer.)  Actually, it feels slightly similar to the Tata Harper clay cleanser, which I felt left way more residue. Potential dupe? I haven’t used enough Tata to know. However, at least Kicho smells way better. It’s a light, natural, fresh smelling citrus. It’s not overwhelming and smells very soothing actually.

Being a fan of harsher cleansers, I still think this does a good job of taking off the ick on my face after a day walking around NYC. However, WHAT is that layer I feel on my face? I want to wash that off too. Overall, I love the idea of the 1-oz container and the fact that you can try this pretty pricey line without digging deep into the pockets for $37 for the full 150mL size. Also, the packaging is gorgeous and I’m soooooo eyeing that Camelia Sleeping Pack for my next haul.

Pros: very soothing cleanser, takes off makeup very well for being gentle, great elegant & minimalist travel friendly packaging, nice fragrance, trial size available for purchase

Cons: expensive at $37 for full sized 150mL, possible residue after rinsing, can be hard to find in stores but you can always get it on ohlolly or kichocosmetics (Korea site?)

4 Replies to “Kicho Kicho ya ya dada – Kicho Natural Mineral Water Foaming Cleanser”

  1. Ooohhhh, that film sounds like something my skin would love actually 🙂 thanks for this review, it’s hard to find any on this brand and I have been eyeballing it on cupidrop for ages…. I can’t wait to hear about the sleeping mask, it’s been on my lem list for aggggeeeessss…

  2. It’s the first time for me to hear about the brand . It is great that it can be used as only cleanser with little makeup. I lways like cleansers like that.

  3. I do like that it’s travel friendly, but my ocd self would be forever annoyed at the film left on my face 😵 That camellia sleeping pack sounds exciting though! I was intrigued the moment I saw camellia in the product name!

  4. It sounds like a nice product! I just got their sleeping pack & sheep oil cream to try! The packaging of my sheep oil cream also had some weird leakage on it, tho. Makes me wonder what’s going on there :/

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