Happy Mudder’s Day: My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack Review

01 My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack ReviewI’m new to this 2-step masking business.  So far, I’ve only tried an acid-soaked jumbo Q-tip+sheet mask (link to Fiddy Snails’ review) and a serum+sheet mask (link to Renee’s review).  The lazy me can barely bother to do a weekly sheet mask and would rather crawl under a bacon blanket than do an extra step.

But the lazy me also likes that these are basically pre-configured routines.  Thank you, Sheet Mask Conglomerate, for forcing reminding me that I should really follow an acid treatment or a drying mud mask with a comforting sheet mask instead of pulling a Gudetama.

After noticing some small irritation bumps developing on my forehead and cheeks, I pulled out the My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack, comprised of a mung bean (!) mud mask and a glacier water sheet mask.  (A box of 4 is $13.49 on Amazon and $15.50 on Beauteque.)

What’s with the mung bean?  Beauteque’s description says:

This mask and moisturizer set has an active ingredient of mung bean, which is meant to reduce redness and acne scarring.

Nice!  Of course, I don’t believe that one use or even several uses of a mask can really reduce acne scarring, but some temporary brightness and redness reduction is always welcome.


  • Step 1: Apply mud mask.  Let dry for 10-15 minutes.  Rinse off.
  • Step 2: Wear the sheet mask for 20-30 minutes.


My Beauty Diary 2-Step Cleansing Pack Ingredients

Mung Bean Cleansing Mud Mask (9 ml) ingredients are pretty standard, with kaolin and bentonite clays at the top of the list.  And the mung bean?  That’s the phaseolus radiatus seed extract that’s fifth on the list.  Click to enlarge:

02 My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack IngredientsGlacier Water Soothing Repair sheet mask (23 ml) ingredients (click to enlarge):

03 My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack Ingredients

My Beauty Diary 2-Step Cleansing Pack Review

04 My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack ReviewOverall, the process wasn’t as taxing as I expected.  Sure, the mud mask added about 20 minutes onto my sheet-masking time, but it was surprisingly (1) not painful and tight as it dried and (2) rinsed off easily with just water and light massaging for about 10 seconds per area.  (Who else remembers finding green pores in the Queen Helene days?)

The mud mask is creamy and white and there’s more than enough for a thin layer all over.  After rinsing, my face felt tightened and smooth without being dry or irritated.  Then I patted my skin dry and swiped on some hydrating toner before moving on to the sheet mask.

The sheet mask was pretty standard–smooth fabric of medium thickness with good cling and well soaked in essence.  It comes folded with a plastic backing.  There were slits along the sides to allow for a better fit, but the mouth area was still oversized.

Regardless, the results after 20 minutes were as good as I’ve come to expect from My Beauty Diary: brightened, plumped up, hydrated, calm.  Redness temporarily gone.  The next morning, my irritation bumps were still there but no worse, and they shrank over the course of the day.

Bottom line: I’d happily use this again.  This pre-configured combo of a treatment+sheet mask is perfect for when I don’t want to think about how to pair two separate products.  (Yeah, yeah, not exactly strenuous, but me=Gudetama, remember?)

10 Replies to “Happy Mudder’s Day: My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack Review”

  1. Thanks so much for the review! I know fiddy did a review of one of the versions for this particular series (there’s three types and i can’t seem to remember anything). Nice to know that there’s a non-drying clay mask for sensitive, dry skin people out there. I personally really love the innisfree jeju clay mask but i will definitely give this a try since my skin is now leaning towards dry.

    1. Fiddy actually gave me this! I put off using it though because my skin was somewhat dry until the weather turned recently. I haven’t tried the Innisfree one, but I see it everywhere! Seems quite popular.

  2. Yay, I really like these! The clay masks in this line are so creamy and soft. Much nicer for my old tretface than scary hardcore clay masks. And I hope you still had plenty of time to pull a Gudetama afterwards.

  3. Clay mask + sheet mask is my on go to pamper things to do. Though my clay mask has bp in it (ty based neutrogena), I overall just like the process. You’re right though, it initially seems like it’s such a chore, but it’s really not that much extra time.

    1. Good point. I never do clay masks because I fear they’ll be drying, but duh, I can just sheet mask after. That said, I’ll probably never take the time to do this unless I get another 2-step mask. 😂

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